Today I woke up today in this crazy optimistic mood. I was running late for my award ceremony at Malcolm X Shabazz High School. In my head I’m not looking at it as being late but getting enough rest for all this walking on stage I was about to do. This event was near to my heart because finally I am about to get recognize for all the hard work I have put in to my senior year. After the first four awards ( Principal, Valedictorian, Honor Society, Math, and Social Studies Awards) I was quite tired of walking across the stage. Still to come I had to walk twice more across the stage for Student of the year and my Spanish award. This was very rewarding and only the beginning of my day. After the award ceremony I got a little agitated because I was overwhelmed by the activities that were yet to come. I thought about this saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, this award ceremony didn’t kill me so I got ready for the reception. At the reception I met an actor by the name of Marc John Jefferes. I was very humbled when he said how he was so proud of me and to keep up the good work. He didn’t know it but he had given even more inspiration to finish my day out. We talked a bit about school and it was time to head home to get ready for a scholarship banquet. I was faced with a kind of hard decision when I got home. I had to chose whether to attend red lobsters with Dr. Marion A. Bolden and my basketball teammates or attend my scholarship banquet. It was kind of ultimatum between my social area and educational area. Most people would have probably chose Red Lobsters but not me, I went on to my scholarship banquet. There were seven recipients, we each spoke about our background and received a $200 check for our book scholarship. We had a nice reception afterwards. It doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s what you make out of it. I’m an inner city kid that decided I didn’t want to be a negative statistic that would oppress my fellow African Americans. I wanted to be the one to open the gate for my people to walk through. I will walk, achieve, and succeed with the weight of my people on my shoulders until they are strong enough to walk on their own. What makes it so great is that I’m unapologetic about succeeding. All this ambition, effort, hard work, dedication, and drive comes from my lovely city Newark. It’s time to be BOLD, UNAPOLOGETIC & DXXPE.


It’s not enough for me to be good, I have to be great at anything I do. I’m not trying to be better than anyone, I just want to be the best at everything that I do. When you get that in your head nothing can stop you. The only validation you need is from within. No force is stronger than the force of will power and ambition. Don’t just become good at anything, become GREAT.

My senior Prom was the best, I’m so glad that I was able to experience this with people that are so close to me. Everyone should be able to experience this wonderful thing. The feeling is just something out of this world. I’m ready to head on to the real world . It’s time to be BOLD, UNAPOLOGETIC & DXXPE .

How Do I Know I Love You?

How do I know you?
Let me count the ways
When I see you,
Its a rush in my heart.
The feeling that nothing,
Can year us apart.
And when we depart,
I get breathless.
Your touch,
Gets me speechless.
How do I know I love you?
Because your smile,
Reaches the deepest depth,
Of my soul.
You have the key,
To the keyhole.
When I’m with you,
Nothing matters.
I love you more,
Than life itself.
If I’m lost,
You supply help.
How do I know I love you?
Its the feeling I get inside.
Every time I see you,
You are just so beautiful.
When you leave,
You take a part of me.
Our future is like the sea.
Even though you can’t see,
You know its there.
I want you here.
Never to leave.
I love you.
Now do you believe? -Dxxpe

I’m honored that The Chad School Foundation chose me and three other Essex county to receive their scholarship for $10,000 . I’m very humbled, this goes to show that hard word does pay off. Nothing is impossible. I had my family, friends and mentors there to support me. I will keep striving for excellence through all of the obstacles and challenges. The Chad School Foundation is like a family and I’m glad to be apart of it. I’m sure they will be very resourceful for me and give me many opportunities. The reception they put together was great at the Robert Treat hotel downtown Newark. I look forward to working with them in the future as they find me a great mentor and look forward to next years reception for the 2015 recipients.

Silent Assasin

No talk,
But a loud mind.
Thoughts exploding but burried down like a mine.
Sparks fly in enclosed walls but still shine.
Things always fade away, not this time.
Motor running like a v8 engine.
Thought to thought like a bridge for extension.
Some things everyone missing.
Happiness pays for each idea sold like commission.
The mouth never moves.
Listened when they said “your mind is your tool”.
They laugh because they say I’m not cool.
But they are the fools.
Working on my future in my hand is the tool,
Trained to get it in shape,
And smooth out all the groves.
Never wanted to be in any other shoes.
Its reasons to what I do.
Success hiding behind silence like sunrise.
Eyes on the prize,
And never settle for compromise.
Always thought,
But I never thought about speaking,
Until my ideas were finalized. Finally opened my mouth and lit the room up like SUNSHINE.